'The one you can't see' Livnat brothers & Ways group 1990

The Livnat brothers' first disc. Original instrumental music, on the seam between melodic jazz and soft rock. A disc that was dedicated to their father, the late Arnon Livnat, a pilot who was killed in the Six Day War. Nine instrumental pieces and one song ('Dear Darkness,' lyrics by Ehud Manor). Musical production - the Livnat brothers / Associate producer - Eran Kacanelenbogen.

1. The Messenger (Aviv Livnat)

2. They Never Returned (The Livnat Brothers)

3. Dear Darkness (Ehud Manor/The Livnat Brothers)

4. Claps (Arik Livnat)

5. The One You Can't See (Arik Livnat)

6. Rani (Eran Kacanelenbogen)

7. Horseshoe Path / Nostalgia (The Livnat Brothers)

8. Dynamics (Livnat and Kacanelenbogen)

9. 5 am (Aviv Livnat)

10. In The End We talked (Aviv Livnat)

Performed by: Aviv Livnat - Guitars, vocals Arik Livnat - Wind instruments, vocals Eran Kacanelenbogen - Piano and keyboard Gil Katz - Bass Ziv Harpaz - Bass Yonathan Legum - Drums Avi Agababa - Drums and wind instruments Ilan Katchka - Percussion Mordechai Adoni - Percussion

"...An excellent production. The beat section draws them along towards pop, refined rock, funk (the piece 'Hand Claps' represents funk and is well done), and reggae ('In The End We Spoke'). The record presents a contemporary view of instrumental music, especially in the American records market: an electro-accoustic combination, a sense of rhythm that is almost pop, clean and rounded sound production, and orderly arrangements positioned by a strong melodic foundation ... the soloists' efforts are excellent, as regards both technique and improvisations. Recommended." Dani karpel (Tel Aviv newspaper)
"The 'Ways' group is fashioning an original Israeli version of something between jazz and soft rock. A kind of very Israeli local sadness; their sound is very well thought out and beautiful" Yoav Kutner (Yedioth Ahronoth)
"...The compositions of Aviv and Arik Livnat are not complicated and one can easily fall in love with them at first hearing...a very powerful concept that 'Ways' has developed here....simple, melancholic, and whetting the appetite for another album that will shortly be released." Boaz Cohen (Hadashot)
"...Undeniably important talents. Arik Livnat is likely to be the saxophonist of the 90s if he continues to develop his rich tone and current ideas...He plays the flute with the same degree of self assurance and adapts the solo parts to suit the nature of the instrument and of the piece...His brother Aviv is an outstandingly masterful composer, and one of his pieces was even chosen to be played on the British TV program Panorama to do with the situation in the West Bank...It reminds me of the opening chords of TV series such as 'Bolmen,' which every jazz fan would like to hear again and again." Yossi Mar-Haim (Ha'ir)

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